Saturday, May 8, 2010

I'm back........

Gosh, I really had such high hopes for myself with this blog! But I moved and then I moved again. Then I had surgery and then another surgery! And finally, I went back to work.
But I have come full circle and although I did return to work for 3 months, the surgery did not resolve the pain.  I am now done with trying to make the corporate environment work for me!  As previously mentioned, I find that being creative helps prevent depression (which goes hand in hand with chronic pain) and keeps my attitude positive..  Focusing outside yourself is one of the best ways I know to keep your mind off YOURSELF!  To that end, I am working on a plan to donate flower arrangements to hospitals and/or other charities.  I would welcome any assistance or ideas on how to approach this  endeavor.
Yours in fellowship,
Mary Anne

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