Saturday, April 30, 2011

Easter Crafting and digital designs

Hello peeps!

After spending so many hours crafting for charity, I decided to take a short time out and create some cute Easter items for the grand babies.  A little lamb hat for Ellie and my version of a "pillow pet" for Sawyer :o).............

I also spent some time making Spring cards, and discovered a new "tool" that I had not realized was available.  While perusing Etsy, I discovered something called "digital stamps".  Now, most of you may be aware of these, but this was completely new to me!  Oh my gosh, the options are limitless!!  Not only that, the digi designs don't take up any room, because they are stored in your cool!  I'm adding a link for one of the designers I fell in love with.  Her darling little illustrations remind me so much of a cute book I have had since I was a child; "A Friend is Someone Who Likes You".  I loved that book and her designs feel like a great big hug when I see them!

If you enjoy making cards, then definitely check out Etsy digital designs.  In addition to finding tons of material out there to get the creative juices flowing, I am starting to draw again and have several ideas for my own digital designs, woohoo!!

Here is the link for the digi designs I used:

I wish you a wonderful weekend and love and kindness wherever you go this coming week!

Love and blessings,

Mary Anne

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