Friday, June 15, 2012

A Work in Progress

Hello dear friends!

I apologize for having been absent from my blog for so long!  I do have a hard time quitting my "projects" long enough to write and sometimes, I'm just not sure what to say!  
Here are my squares from May ("Pick it from the garden challenge), which I just posted to S. Africa....I love making the daisies!

In addition to crocheting for charity and a trip to Michigan to see my grandchildren, I've been doing a lot of reading and research on blogging.  All in the hopes of becoming better at the craft of blogging :)

In the process of educating myself I discovered a blog, written by one of the founders Knit a Square (Sandy McDonald)!  How appropriate, since my blogging is ultimately about finding ways to give more to the KAS charity!  If you are looking for great information and insight on how to blog, you will find that Sandy (and others linked to her blog), have a generous amount of information available at no charge!. You can find Sandy's blog here.

As part of my ongoing effort to help children of South Africa, I am offering a few  of my hand crafted items for sale (you will see two items at the end of this post).  If you purchase anything through my blog, one hundred percent of proceeds will go toward posting items to South Africa! 

You may also have noticed that I added a "donations" link to my blog.  If you feel inspired to give, I only ask for one or two dollars.  If several people were able to commit to that small amount monthly, it would help tremendously in funding shipping.  Imagine the good we can do when each of us gives a small amount to help those less fortunate!

One of the reasons for the increased cost of postage is that I have started accepting items from other ladies who are creating squares and hats for the children of S. Africa!  Postage is quite expensive, as you can imagine, and thus they are unable to mail these much needed items!  The photo below are beautiful items created and donated by my friend in California, L.J. Roberts.  Even though L.J. is currently unemployed, she is still able to give back in this way!  How awesome is that?!

Donated by L.J. Roberts

As I mentioned previously, I do have a couple things for sale this week.  These shawls were created by me, with prayer and love, that whomever receives them will be truly blessed!
NOW, without further adieu!

This first shawl is orange and tangerine, with a high cotton content.  It also has a silver sparkle thread running through the yarn.  Very light weight and perfect for summer!  Completely machine washable, although I suggest washing on delicate.  If you don't already know this, orange is THE color of the summer!

Orange shawl:  $45
Approximately 28 inches long, from center to point.
Approximately 50 inches, corner to corner, at the top.
Free shipping within the U.S.!

The second shawl is another pretty color for summer, blues and teal.  Colors of the ocean maybe?  It also has some sparkle in it; high cotton content and machine washable, but wash on delicate to be safe.

Blue Shawl:  $40
Approximately 24 inches from center to point.
Approximately 40 inches in width.
Free Shipping!

To purchase either of these shawls, please end me an email at and I will set up a PayPal invoice for you.

Last, and certainly not least, I am pleased to tell you that a photo of one of the sweaters I crocheted was posted in the KAS newsletter!  I felt quite privileged and honored that it was included.  The newsletter is a great way to see all of the good being done by this organization and I urge you to read it.  I think you will find it quite heartwarming!  You will find the link here.

I would love to hear from you! Let me know what you think of today's blog, or any suggestions you might have. I would love to know what kinds of items you might want to see for sale here as well!
Thank you SO much for reading my blog.  My thoughts and prayers go out to all!

In fellowship and love,

Mary Anne


  1. Oh, Mary Anne, what a fabulous post! Everything people need to know is here and more! You are so generous to be doing all these things! Your shawls are just beautiful and I wish you much success with your sales!

    With love and hugs,

  2. Thank you so much Laurie! I can't tell you how much that means to me....your posts are always so well written and inspirational!

  3. How lovely, Mary Anne, for you to include my squares and hats. Stitching for KAS is very important to me as I do it in memory of several wonderful people lost to AIDS.

    I have also found a way for my non-stitching friends to help. Often, when you order on Amazon, you see that prompt that for $xx more, you get free shipping. I now have several friends who fill that small dollar gap by ordering the packets of 32 plastic needles for $7.98 and sending them to me. I then will be including them in my shipments to you.

  4. How clever of you L.J.! And I shall include this in my next post, as I think this is a great way for our "non-yarnie" friends to add a little something to our parcels for S.A.!

  5. BEAUTIFUL work! Love your passion and generous heart.

    Deb Weaver

  6. Thank you Deb, that means a lot to me! I so admire your writing; your beautiful prose often brings tears to my eyes!